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The absorption effects of gamma radiations on lipids are shown using radiological parameters such as mass attenuation coefficients, total attenuation cross section and molar extinction coefficient. Which will be useful, particularly in the energy region of 122 to 1330keV photon energies, by performing transmission experiments using gamma active sources 57Co, 133Ba , 22Na 137Cs ,54Mn, and 60Co sources. Accurate values of these physical parameters provide essential data in medical physics have been calculated for some sphingolipids were measured using gamma ray spectrometry with energy resolution 8.2% at 663 keV was used for detection. Gamma ray transmission method with a narrow beam good geometry set up is used in the study. Observed values are decrease initially and then tend to be almost constant at higher energies. Experimental results of radiological parameters were observed in good agreement with WinXCom values.

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