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Revealing the reality of social system and the suppression of low class people in India can be represented clearly in premchand's Godaan novel (The Gift of a Cow). In Godaan it is so obvious how the caste system has spread its roots deep down in Indian society. In addition, the constitution of Indian society, with its hierarchy is an ideal place to portray the oppression that Indian people suffered from. Premchand is generally considers the greatest Hindi writers who depicted the reality of Indian poor people as it is including all the aspects of  poverty, corruption, exploitation of the lower class, exploitation of women and caste segregation. Moreover the economic and social struggle in a north village are deeply described the condition of the pre-independence of a countryside. This can be definitely described as the poverty and ignorance period in India. However, the situation has not changed as greatly as it had been expected and the condition of Hori's family cannot be changed, even though Hori does everything to achieve his life to buy a cow. And, according to Hindu's mythology at that time, giving a cow as a gift to Brahman before death will help to attain salvation.

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