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Girish Karnad is one of the renowned playwrights of India. 'Yayati' is his acclaimed play translated by him to English. This play is an adaptation of an episode in the mythological epic Mahabharata, where the story revolves around the character Yayati. He was cursed by his father-in-law for having married the latter's daughter's servant Sharmishte, who was once a princess. In order to recover from the curse, Yayati had to transfer his cursed old age to a young man. This curse was accepted by his son, Puru. The play involves such conflicts among the main characters. Yayati is seen as an ambitious King. Devayani, his first wife is portrayed as an insecure queen. Sharmishte, Devayani’s servant, is a very impactful and manipulating woman. Puru is the one who sacrifices his youth for his father Yayati. And Chitralekhe a young lady with natural desires who opposes the unnatural aging of her husband Puru. This paper aims to analyze the characters in the play which are unique and dynamic in nature.

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