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India is considered to be the patriarchy society. Though India is considered as an Independent nation, women is not given equal rights stilll now. Dalit Feminism is about the struggles faced by the untouchable people.  Bama is one of the most famous and first dalit women writers.  In all her work she explains about  disillusionment, despair, pathetic condition, sexual harrasment,and painful memories faced by dalit people. Karukku means palmyra leaves which has two edges on both sides which is like double-edged swords. This paper deals about ambivalent attitude towards Christanity. Unlike other dalit texts this is not memoir, linear narrative and not traumatic.  This is an autobiographical novel. Bama’s dream was to become a nun, but she returns to her village to empower their people. She beliefs that a women can survive in this world only through her empowerment.

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