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This paper investigates "Passion Psychology" with reference to the novel I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh. The story clarifies the Ardor Psychology of the primary characters of the novel "Ravin" and "Khushi". Their connections incorporating occasions of their sentimental discussions and gatherings, beginning to look all starry eyed at and after that at long last the disastrous demise of Ravin's cherished Khushi. There are numerous renowned therapists that have given us their important research works over the various parts of affection brain science, brain research of energy, brain research of serious conduct that clarifies it in a bigger point of view, this gave me another methodology towards clarifying the brain research of genuine romance under the conditions and standards of three diverse Psychology of adoration. What's more, took out a word from lexicon "Vigor" that would clarify these three perspectives by and large, that implies the solid sentiment of energy, exceptional sentiment of affection and sentiment of incredible warmth in setting to adore, with a mental methodology in the novel  I Too Had A Love Story that was a genuine affection story.

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