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Nayantara Sahgal the winner of the Commonwealth Writers Award (Eurasia) in 1987 is one of India’s best-known novelists and thinkers who writes in English. She is able to study her characters’ mentality deeply. In her novels, Sahgaldoes not onlydepict the sufferings and the conflicts that Indian women have been through due to the patriarchal society, the trivial customs and the British colonizers, but she portrays the neo-identity ( image ) Indian women have obtained after the post-colonial era (independence). In her novel This Time of Morning (1965), she tries to attempt how the Indian women such as Rashmi and Nita go beyond marriage, the trivial traditions and the patriarchal restrictions and create a new identity in the Indian society .The first one, Rashmi, attempts to find her positionin society after the failure of her marriage ,whereas the later, Nita, manages to grant herself a place in the society before marriage. They refuse the worthless traditions and the dominance of the phallocentric mentality that are imposed by society upon them. They refuseto abandon their individuality and struggle till they get their own identity. They want to live a life according to their own terms and values and not for norms imposed by their parents or society. In This Time of Morning, the narrator portrays the new image of women unlike the typical image of women in A Time to be Happy who cannot violate the patriarchal mentality , society or even think beyond their duties like when Maya’s husband requests her to be the true image of the traditional woman. Sahgal supports the feminist goals of defending equal civil and social rights for women. So, the neo-identity of the Indian women represented by Rashmi and Nitain This Time of Morning is the main theme of this paper.

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