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Fusion of expressions with emotions not only works as art but can miraculously stand medicinal for treating the hearts of gloom and dark. The hues and cries, and the evils and shams that have robbed modern day life of its joys and beauty, inspire and elevate the academicians to come up with the tools and techniques for changing the mindsets of the people that let them enjoy the beauty of nature on the planet Earth. Popular statement by William Wordsworth that poetry happens out of ‘emotions recollected in tranquillity’ can serve a significant research question in devising and designing poetry as an art for life sake. This mode of reception is not only heart throbbing but also activates human senses to rediscover the undiscovered path to appreciate or criticise the social systems and the reading of genres that we have created. The present paper is an attempt at reading folklore and cultural texts that resonate and reverberate not only in the physical realizations of an individual’s body, heart and mind but also open vast scope of including such form of arts and reception in giving strength to the establishments that are working towards the health of man and environment as part of emerging trends in global education.

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