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Dr. Alka Singh

In today’s world, our Health and Hygiene is an artefact of our habits and patterns of living, and it brings the sustainability towards the pattern of ‘the survival of the fittest’. Its representation, in various art forms, and professional attitudes, is quite valid, and historically evident. In a sense, the issues of health and hygiene and the curricula of education are interrelated, and the professionals, taking them as the course of studies, find practical implications in life from the manifestation of literary activities, music, art and architecture, technology, medical or nuclear science, sociology and  construction of culture, psychology of human behaviour, economic and political agenda, organizing and managing skills and the laws that we have developed in setting up required situational demands and communication dynamics etc, by and large, roar for the great changes that have given an entirely new definition to the prevalent culture, of which we are, and have become the drafters, and makers of the so called society of modern civilization.

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