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Literature is one of the mediums of communication through which the author expresses his/her thoughts on social, political and cultural issues of his surroundings replete with feelings and imagination; and gives aesthetic bliss and solace to the mind of the common man. In their works English poets have concentrated on various experiences of human life extending from personification of beauteous mountains, flowers, butterflies, rivers, trees, cliffs, sea, ocean, west wind to the dehumanized modern cities, commercialized human emotions and fragmented human personality; from myths, folklores and folktales to utopian, globalized and modern anecdotes; from ‘sad music of humanity’ to humdrum of motor cars. In their expression of human experiences they have aimed to lead the humanity towards everlasting goal of attaining spiritual state and peace of mind; they have idealized the characters who have perfected the journey from mundaneness to divinity; from ephemerality to eternity; and from ‘reason’ to ‘emotion’. They have keenly observed the real goal of literature as to transport the human beings from darkness to light; from ignorance to knowledge; from outer experience to inner experience; and from the ‘body’ to the ‘soul’. William Wordsworth in English literature is such a poet who has relieved the poetic creativity from ‘high society’ and “my lords and ladies gay”; inspired poetic sensibility and inflamed the  human ‘soul’ by romanticizing commonplace objects of man, nature and human life.

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