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Yoga” word comes from the Sanskrit “yuj”, which means “concentration” .It is a mental, physical and spiritual practice .The saints of ancient India developed a traditional method for meditation. They practiced yoga as an effective method of controlling their minds and bodily activities. Lack of concentration is the main problem of teaching today. Yoga techniques help to reduce the stress, to focus on the present and to develop the power of concentration. It is a natural therapy to increase the mental presence in the classroom also. The aim of present study is to check the effects of yoga to concentrate in Mathematics subject. The experiment was done with the help of some college going students. They attended yoga classes regularly, one hour daily in the morning. They did some exercises like Surya namaskar, Meditation and Pranayama. After this yoga program, these students improved their concentration power and marks in Mathematics subject. Even they sat in the classroom for long time with interest and curiosity. The objectives of this paper are to improve students’ attention, learning capacity, memory & self esteem, to develop the concentration power & coordination in the classroom, to improve the attitude towards personality, work & create good atmosphere and to become more aware & to connect between mind and body.

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