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Diabetes is a unique condition for women. When compared with men, women have a 50 percent greater risk of diabetes coma. India is the “diabetic capital” of the world with 41million people affected with the disease. On the basis of the large number of diabetic people in India this study was undertaken. This study focuses on the knowledge and practice level of working women regarding diabetes mellitus and assesses its relationship with demographic, socioeconomic and lifestyle factors in urban area, Lucknow. Knowledge of diabetes can thus prevent the impending chronic co-morbidities of diabetes mellitus, which impact significantly on the quality of life of the diabetic patient. 100 samples of working women for this study were taken. An educational intervention improves the knowledge of diabetes mellitus among working women their professionalism, surroundings, nature, habit does not cause any effect on the study. It can be seen in the study that their knowledge regarding diabetes mellitus is increased.

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