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Health of the society is depends upon the lifestyle of the people live in that society and lifestyle has huge impact on their health. As lifestyle has major role on the health so it’s very important to cultivate good health habits in early childhood stage so that it becomes the part of your lifestyle. Factors like: Family condition, economical background, health condition, education syatem, food habits and cultural aspects etc. majorly affects one’s lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle makes healthy people and healthy people make healthy society which leads to the healthy nation. There are various methods of developing healthy lifestyle which can help people to be healthy, make their immune system strong, maintain fitness of their body & mind and prevent them from diseases. Now a day’s Yoga is playing key role in improving health of the society which is severely impacted by the inactive lifestyle. Main aim of yoga is to provide base to the people in every stage of life which includes physical development, mental development, emotional stability and finally achievement of spirituality. It gives power to people to increase concentration and satisfaction in life. . Yoga shows the way of self actualization and gives assistance in maintaining active & long life.  Continues study, mortification and work without expectation are the part of kriya yoga which helps us in doing great things in this world without expecting anything in return. So yoga builds the ability to do something great for others. It lifts us up and helping people to maintain good physical health which will direct us to the healthy mental & emotional health.  

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