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The purpose of the study was to find out the Nutrients and diet to enhance fitness of Soccer players. As a science, nutrition is concerned with the study of food and effect on soccer players. Soccer is a sport that consists of a variety of exercise intensities ranging from sprinting to standing still. Fuel from the bursts of intense activity is provided predominantly by carbohydrate and fat used during the less intense parts of the game. Soccer is a power sport and requires both strength and endurance. As a consequence a soccer player’s requirements are 1.4-1.7g of protein per kg body weight. Soccerplayers need fats because active muscles quickly burn through carbohydrates and need fats for long-lasting energy .Vitamins and minerals have no caloric value. Although they are required only in small amounts, they are essential for body functioning. Water is the most basic of all the nutrients-it is necessary to sustain life.A pre match meal should be eaten 2-4 hours before training or a match. The meal should be high carbohydrate, low in fat and low to moderate in protein.Post-match food Effective recovery from training and replacement of the glycogen stores used during training or games is essential. These five components of diet (Nutrients) are being used by the body to sustain vital processes such as repair and regulation of cellular functions and the production of energy.

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