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Physical education would start in just about 1820 when schools focused on gymnastics, hygiene training and care and development of the human body. By the year 1950, over 400 institutes had introduced majors in physical education. The Young Men's Christian Association launched its very first chapter in 1851 and focused on physical activities. Colleges were encouraged to focus on intramural sports particularly track, field and football. What is new about the present nature and scope of physical education? What changes in emphasis have taken place in recent years? What new considerations is the space age forcing upon us? What are the new directions and thrusts in the profession? What do students, a medical expert, a coach, and leading physical educators throughout the nation feel are new developments in physical education that are important to consider in the age of transition? Physical education as a profession and as a curricular area is undergoing a slow and continual metamorphosis. The leaders of our profession and leaders in other academic areas as well are calling for us to become more of a profession and more of an academic discipline.

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