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How many men and women are working in an economy and how they are maintaining and retaining their skill is a prime question for any nation. India is a country which is going through a transition phase form agrarian to industry now to tertiary sector. Making the people of India skilful is the precondition on an hour, as per the World Bank report it has been found that India is one of the nations where working population is and will be far in excess of dependent on them and this will continue for at least three decades till 2040.

So, this paper tries to give an overview of the current situation of skilled scenario in India. This study will also highlight the different government schemes which are working in parallel to achieve the target of skilling 500 million youth by 2020.This report will make an overview of skilled scenario prevailing in underdeveloped economy taking the data from African nations. Lastly this report will also show the skilling strategies and trend in some developed countries.

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