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In the present technological and globalization world the organisations face competition at global level. In order to meet out the global competition, the banking sectors have to findout the various promotions that are expected by the consumers. Also what are the new services other banks provided and what the services that the customers expected. In order to identify all those factors this research is highly essential and is need in the present scenario. The present study aims to Customer Perception on E-banking Service with Reference to Indian Bank, Chidambaram Town – A Sociological Study. A samples of 100 respondents selected randomly were studied. Primary data were collected by using a structured interview scheduled. All the respondents were asked the some questions in the same fashion and they were informed the purpose of study. Anova, t-test and Chi-square test were applied to test the hypotheses. The findings and observations are the result and outcome of the interpretations made during the study of analysis.

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