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The modern-day product is an amalgam of various ingredient products sourced from different vendors and finally put together as a final product. The quality of the final product is dependent on the quality of its ingredient products. However, the manufacturer suffers when there is a problem with any of the suppliers. The problem can manifest in multiple ways like in terms where the product quality does not pertain to what was initially agreed upon or it the vendor is unable to meet the increase in production or if the vendor does not match up to improvement in product specifications and so on. Christopher and Lee (2004) found that it was highly challenging to manage risks in the present environment. Hence this indicates the reason for such amount of importance to be ascribed to supplier selection process. Ferguson and Johnston (2011) hinted that the link between customer dissatisfaction and impending buying behaviour has achieved considerable attention in marketing research. Richard (1997) observed dissatisfaction as the overall affective response triggered by an inadequate return from the process of consumption. De Boer, Labro and Morlacchi(2001)indicated that a poor decision making in choosing the right vendors may lead to severe problems

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