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Today's emerging capital market paradigm, mutual funds became the finest and safest investment haven for most retail investors. A mutual fund is considered as an investment haven with a safe return, highest liquidity, and used for tax benefits. The competitive world of mutual fund market, fund houses trace innovative marketing strategies to attract investors to their fund houses and fund schemes. The marketing of mutual fund products is the combined function ingest at providing the capability to understand their investment needs and wants and keeping a view on the achievement of the investment goals. Mutual fund schemes are not a personalized investment carrier, so it needs more care in building the advertisement and marketing strategy to satisfy the investor's needs. The role of mutual fund houses is not only to attain more and more investors to the mutual fund schemes but preserve the existing investors by providing ample support and services also. In the capital market, marketing, as associated with mutual funds, is a combined effort of explaining, confirming, promoting, propagating the mutual fund products and services with a promise to an investor for keeping their investment expectation and satisfaction. The investors' cooperation depends on the actual serenity delivered to the target investors. This study explores the influence of marketing paradigms of mutual fund houses in the investment behavior of investors in a multifaceted dimension.

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