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Knowledge inculcation and learning of the women entrepreneurs leads to their empowerment. This it is a challenge for women. Empowerment of women in several dimensions of the women had led them to become an entrepreneur. Micro finances are actually related to financial services which include savings, trainings, insurance and credits to the poor of the poor in order to lift the socio-economic status. The researcher has used the descriptive research to found the role of microfinance on performance of women entrepreneurs in Cuddalore district. Sample size of the research is 75 women entrepreneurs. The analysis identified that there is influence of microfinance training and microfinance loan on business development among women entrepreneurs. The analysis also discovered that there is influence of business development on performance of women entrepreneurs. Hence, it is concluded that that microfinance institutions should provide more short term loans to meet emergencies of women entrepreneurs, provide insurance on loans and businesses and also provide interest on the savings of women entrepreneurs. The score of the loan should also be sufficient enough to meet the capital necessities of the women entrepreneurs.

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