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Protection of environment is as necessary as the protection of human life on earth.Without air water and clean air existance of human being on earth would have been difficult. Enivronment is the sole reason why we are still living in this earth for more than six million years and it’s the duty and responsibility of the humans to work and protect our environment. From the early ages mankind has worshiped elements like earth,air,water and fire. In India heavenly objects such as sun and moon and also certain types of plants are still considered important in many rituals. Beginning of the 20th century the importance of the environment has lost its value and no proper measures and stricts laws were taken out by the states for the degradation of the environment. Looking at the current scenario the main objective of the State should be to endeavour, the protection and improvement of the environment and to safeguard the forest and wildlife of the country . This paper deals with the interrealation of laws and human rights of the citizens and provides measures to be followed in terms of the protection. Our constitution provides for a balance between human rights and duties based on harmony with nature and harmony among people. Looking at the future from the present time our earth needs proper steps to rectify the acts done earlier by humans else it would be threatening to the very existence and survival of mankind.

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