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Pratyahara techniques are enshrined in the ancient Indian yoga text books. The concept on pranayamahealth scale (PHS)is developed based on thesescriptures.APHSisconceptualized, designed,developed and described to measure physical and mental health.We used SPSS and AMOS version 25’s exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to develop a valid and reliable PHS. To test the scale, we randomly selected 599adolescent participants. The developedPHS comprised standardized regression coefficients with 59.05% variance.Overall reliability of the scale was found to be excellent (0.95).The results of three different Fitness categories of indexes comprising Absolute, Incremental and Parsimonious fits were also analysed and found to be acceptable within the limits.The pranayama scale could be beneficial for the general health and wellbeing of adolescent groups.

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