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Organizations have been expanding in an exponential manner. In this scenario all the organization focuses on one thing that is increase the market share in order to be the market leader. For increasing the organizations effectiveness and enhancing productivity we need to have engaged employees. Hence, no organization can develop by ignoring employee engagement. Employee engagement is the positive sign for organizational performance and it clearly showing the strong relationship between employer and employee. An engaged employee puts his best effort into his work in the form of time, brainpower, and energy, above and beyond what is considered adequate. An engaged employee has a desire and commitment to always doing the best job. The job satisfaction, employee commitment and organizational citizenship behaviour factors more impact on positive employee engagement. Due to positive employee engagement with organisation, employees are emotionally attached to their organization and highly involved in their job with a great motivation to achieve organisational success.Many organizations believe that employee engagement is a primary source of competitive advantage and thus have been ability to solve challenging organizational problems such as increasing workplace performance, productivity of organisation. Employees are engaged when organizations have healthy work culture and strong communication practices, where they can get platforms to express their views and find out opportunities to grow and develop their potential. Every sector should work towards the development and nurturing of engagement culture. And this can be achieved by a two-way relationship between employee and employer. Therefore, Employee Engagement play vital role in development and growth of the organization.

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