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One of the most promising solutions in development in the Information technology sectoris attributed to the unprecedented growth in Cloud Computing which has made organizations technological worries a phenomenon of the past. Cloud computing acts as a means to maintain a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that enables business agility for practicing managers who are trying to exploit the benefits of cloud computing for the efficient use of IT resources. Even though there are impending benefits arising out of cloud computing, there are a lot of risks and security concerns which are associated with it. This requires frequents security models being developed by cloud service providers to thwart the risks caused due to the vulnerabilities in the cloud. This research paper is an attempt to compare some of the existing cloud based security models and tries to find out the gaps existing in relation to the growing security concerns and tries to find out if there are any opportunities available to develop further measures to increase the security measures. Also a framework for a new model which can act as a replacement to the existing models which could make up for the gaps is attempted herewith.

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