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Pandit Deendyal Upadhyaya has delivered four lectures on Integral Humanism in Bombay on April 22-25, 1965. In this article an attempt has been made to examine his first lecture on ‘Integral Humanism’. Upadhyaya explained the problems being faced by our country due to selfishness of our politicians. He was of the opinion that people should be aware of the motives of the politicians. He put stressed upon national identity as an instrument of progress and happiness. There exist a common desire of the people in every country and if that common desire is made the basis of our development, than the common man would feel that his nation is moving in a right direction. The nation could only develop when its people became aware of our national identity. It is the soul of the nation. Every country wanted independence so that it could make progress as per their natural bent. Our Civilisation and tradition can contribute to world peace

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