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The first British contact with India was the result of intense competition with Dutch and Portuguese business interests in Asia. The founding of the British Empire was a process of development that passed through much of the time marked by important historical events. The initial phase began with a purely commercial and financial approach and eventually went through a more realistic paradigm that is based on expansion and maintaining power. Later, bitter and venerable, determined to maintain royal dignity prior to the period of the Revolt of 1857, the spirit of peace was finally restored during the liberal emerging knowledge of the Victorian period. This period of peace was based on the reorganization of a new government in India. Unfortunately, this calm did not last long, interrupted by one. The severe drought after the famine woke him up. In addition, the wrong Viceroy and extremely weak leadership were involved with Crown policies and especially British colonialism with ruthless Prime Ministers such as Lord Linton and Disraoy.

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