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Girish Karnad is the foremost multi-faceted personality of contemporary Indian theatre.  Apart from being a playwright, Karnad is an actor, and a director.  He had written a number of documentaries and for television serials in Kannada, Hindi and English.  He has performed leading roles as an actor in Hindi and Kannada art films, a commercial movies and television serial.  Karnad has represented India in foreign lands through art and culture.  With the publication of Tughlaq in 1961, Karnad established himself as a master dramatist.  He afterwards published Hayavadana (1971), Angnmalige (1977), Hittina Hunja (1980), Naga-Mandala (1988), Tale-Dande (1990) and Agni Mattu Male (1995).  Karnad wrote all his plays in Kannada.  These plays have been translated into major Indian languages including Hindi.  Five of his plays – Tughlaq, Hayavadana, Naga-Mandala, Tale-Dande and The Fire and the Rain – have been translated into English.  The Dreams of Tipu Sultan (2004), Bali: The Sacrifice (2004), A Heap of Broken Images(unpublished script), Flowers: A Dramatic Monologue (unpublished script) are the current dramatic contribution by him.   

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