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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ landscape has seen a stark increase in its number in the recent past. In most of the South Asian countries, SMEs contribute a large share to their GDPs. This has, obviously, led to the increase in significance of these enterprises in the economy and now, needless to say, these enterprises have been successful in participating in modern day capitalism. The debate around technology, of it being a disruptor or an enabler has been doing the rounds in the business world often leading us to the similar conclusion that perhaps it is both. If an economy has to embrace the changes as brought in by the wave of technology and reap its benefits, it has to ensure that these budding or small enterprises are not left out. On doing a review of literature, we understand that technology has almost replaced the necessity of physicality in between the processes, causing a paradigm shift in the treatment of financial procedures like payments, banking, investing, and etc. FinTech has created a change in the banking and borrowing habits of both the banks and the customers and it has been found that the future of banking and investment depends on FinTech.

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