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Previous studies have showed that emotional intelligence (EI) helps in managing the stress in professional as well as personal life. Most of the earlier studies were limited only to the corporate sector. The present study made an attempt to find the relationship between emotional intelligence and stress among nurses. The study has been conducted on a sample of 150 nurses from Government hospitals of Chandigarh. The Emotional Intelligence scale developed by Wong and Law (1990) and Inventory of Stressful Events developed by Motowidlo, Packard, and Manning (1986) have been used in this study. Statistical tools such as pearson correlation and multiple regression have been used for the purpose of analyses. The results showed that emotional intelligence and its dimensions were correlated negatively with stress. Negative correlation of emotional intelligence with stress indicates that emotional intelligence will be useful tool in dealing with stress. The results provided further support that emotional intelligence and its dimensions were significant predictors of stress. Therefore, there is a need to build emotional competencies among nurses through training programs, for better efficiency at the workplace.

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