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There is nothing as exhilarating than the new hip-hop culture than ever before. The paper will focus on how the rap and hip-hop are coupling with sociology. Linking it with some sociological concept rap and hip-hop will have their own identity. The dissemination of this style has been seen in all over the world. The style whose origin is considered to be from the South Bronx district of New York has now be seen all over the world, that too in their local cultural forms. The origin and history of rap will be taken into consideration. And how this style is being proliferated in the world in all the societies. The concept of postmodernism and symbolic interactionism will explain its significance. The sociologists like Lyotard, Toynbee, W.F.Whyte, and Lipsitz will explain how hip-hop brings a community into being.  How hip-hop is linked with the politics. And also, how different regions, cultures and languages make their own symbols of identity. The paper talks about the popular music and hip-hop culture and how it influences the society.

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