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Teachers have always played a crucial role in preparing communities and societies towards exploring new horizons and achieving higher levels of progress and development. Hence effective combination of Educational Technology and teaching skills contribute solutions to the problems of the country by developing desirable understanding of attitudes, skills and abilities of the students. The role of teachers and teacher educators is complex to meet the individual needs of the learners. The teachers face innumerable challenges in their daily classroom teaching. They are to be equipped with the most relevant research works and progress taking place in the technology of teaching; this also enhances the quality of teaching. Teachers need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the field of ICT to use it in the classroom as well as in other subject fields; teachers trainees are would be teachers so it is necessary to know about their knowledge skills and use of ICT so that they can teach in a better way. ICT helps the students to augment their knowledge skills as well as to improve their learning skills.

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