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These days green products are gaining popularity as Indian people are more attracted towards green products. Due to the advancement of technologies there seems shift in demand of consumers from conventional products towards green products. The purpose of this paper is to show the results of the differences between several demographic profile groups on green product purchase intention using descriptive analysis, ANOVA and independent sample t- test. A questionnaire was utilized to gather the data (n=500) for this study. The convenient sampling technique was used whereby Indore, Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat and Kerela were the main cities of India from where information were obtained. The results of t-test showed that there is a statistically significant difference between genders on consumers’ green product purchase decision. The results generated by ANOVA indicated that there is no significant difference among consumers’ in green product purchasing intention with respect to occupation. This paper concludes with a thorough discussion of the practical implications as well as limitations of these results.


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