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Earlier, emotions were totally ignored while studying Organizational Behaviour. But, in the present era, researchers have started recognizing the importance of emotions at their workplace. Presently, the researchers
while studying Organizational Behaviour lay more emphasis on emotions and their association with work effectiveness. The area of research that has received significant attention at the workplace is Emotional Labour.
Emotional Labour, is a term, which is widely emphasized in this present era where there are jobs which requires interpersonal connections. Every business house wants a competitive edge over other for which they allocate
individual goals, apart from group goals, to their employees. To achieve the targets, the employees need to interact with the clients within the confines of an organization's culture, vision and other norms. The task is very
tedious as it involves making balance between the feelings of individual and organization. So, from here, the concept of Emotional Labour took place. Every service provider, from every service organization, is using this
method of managing emotions while interacting with the customers. 

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