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The historical role of Human resources have changed significantly from a clerical function to a strategic partner in planning and attaining organizational goals. The functions of HR department has got a direct impact on business results. The role of HR executive is changing from traditional form to a business partner role where he not only talks about employee morale, turnover, commitment etc., but rather claim being as “business partners”. HR managers claim that HR functions and services are helping to accomplish business objectives set by the organization. HR audit helps the organization to assess their current position and identify the areas for improvement. It gives feedback about the Human resources function to the managers at the top level of the organization. It is looked at as an overall quality control check on Human resource services of an organization. This paper focuses on Human resource audit practices, modalities of conducting such an audit and talks about the relevance and impact of such audits on business results of the organization. It also focuses on Human resource audit approaches and talks about the benefits of establishing industry standards.

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