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In literary and cultural discourses there is a serious discussion on ‘theory’ in general which nowadays as a genre is subscribed by all disciplines alike and which in its turn belongs to no particular discipline at all. Obvious question is ‘theory’ of what? ‘Theory’ in fact is not a theory of any comprehensive theory of things in general. At first impression ‘theory’ seems to be an array of names such as Derrida, Lacan, Foucault for instance. ‘Theory’ seems to be fraught with reading of psychanalytical, political and philosophical texts. It seems ‘theory’ signals ‘speculations’. ‘Theory’ definitely however is more than a hypothesis. This study takes up various schools of thoughts and shows how they due to their disciplinary commitments lack ideological depth and diversity. ‘Theory’ as a genre by absorbing the insights of these schools of thoughts moves ahead of them and renders a great service to free flow of concepts by being more inclusive and comprehensive in its spectrum of ideas than various schools of thought within their disciplinary commitment could ever manage to be.

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