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The   private security industry  has experienced a visible leap  in the after of economic reforms in India  carried out during  the early 1990s,  There is  exploding demand for   security services both   by industries  and corporate sectors ,   communities . Government's inability to provide   safety at each micro level through police forces has created an opportunity for private players   to undertake business operation in security services.  The private security sector now is the second largest employment generator in the country.  However, there is a antagonistic side of this industry too.  This sector has remained grossly informal which has a direct bearing on the people employed as security personal.  The statutory welfare scheme prevalent to protect the interest of security personnel could hardly be implemented.  As such, there is a growing concern that the growth private industry could not   improve the plight of the security personnel.   This paper attempts to examine   the   status of the of workforce i.e.  Private security guards in this booming industrial sector.

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