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Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) refers to current wave of technological changes which is underpinned by advances in the connectivity between humans and machines. India's “demographic dividend” needs to be put to beneficial output and constructive inputs. Annually 10 million young people are added in the labour market. Youth are the future of the nation and they have a tremendous role to play in nation building. Industry 4.0 will   lead to the convergence to real and virtual world. It aims at creating a cyber physical system through the use of smart factory. It will change the demand for skills and connect people, process and machine whereby the machines are equipped with an ability to communicate with minimal human intervention. The paper focuses on the current scenario of skilled labour in India, the government initiative to provide employment opportunities to the youth in the realm of Industry 4.0.It further discusses opportunities on the challenges faced by the government towards skilling the Indian youth.

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