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In present research work ferrite of composition Ni0.7Mg0.3CrXFe2-xO4 with x = 0.0 to 0.3 has been successfully synthesized by conventional standard Ceramic method. The synthesized samples were processed into homogeneous powder form. The single phase cubic spinel structures of the samples were confirmed by X-ray diffraction patterns without any impurity peaks. Lattice constant is found to be decreasing with increase in Cr3+ concentration in the composition (x). The X-ray density is found to be decreasing with increase of Cr3+ concentration. The particle sizes lies between 300 0A to 450 0A. The porosity level is 0.20 to 0.30. The intensities of structure sensitive planes and ratios of intensities for selective places were used to propose the cation distribution. The infrared spectra of present series in range of 200 cm-1 to 800 cm-1 are taken. The IR spectra showed two absorption bands. The high frequency band v1 (400cm-1- 530 cm-1) which is assigned to octahedral complex in spinel and low frequency band v2(290 cm-1 – 445cm-1). Thermoelectric power study exhibits that both n-type and p-type of charge carriers are responsible for charge transport and the drift mobility causes the conduction.

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