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The 14th Finance Commission’s rewards to the Gaon Panchayats of the country and its guidelines regarding participatory planning brought sea changes in the working pattern of the Gaon Panchayats of the state of Assam. Direct fund transfer to the Gaon Panchayats, preparation of holistic perspective plan by using Participatory Rural Appraisal tools by the villagers, preparation of resource envelop for generation of own source revenue etc. were not understandable by the PRI representatives, panchayat functionaries and by common people of Assam. So a huge capacity building task emerged and as the apex institute in the field of Training and Capacity Building, the State Institute of Panchayat & Rural Development (SIPRD) was entrusted with this responsibility. The study is confined in the role of Extension Training Centre, SIPRD, Amoni in providing much needed training to various stake holders of the planning process at the ward level of the Gaon Panchayats. Primary data regarding training were collected from the ETC, SIPRD, Amoni as well as the Block & Panchayat Offices.

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