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In today’s global scenario, identity and cultural hybridity have become most sought-after, much discussed concept. The question of identity is always a difficult one. It has been a matter of discussion so far as immigrants are concerned. Immigrants grow up in two worlds; they pine for a well-defined identity. In search of identity, they make compromises, negotiations. In this light, the proposed research intends to explore the concept of identity and cultural hybridity in the works of Jhumpa Lahiri. Being one of the most celebrated diasporic writers of contemporary age, Jhumpa Lahiri offers her readers a real world which they can cherish. Her works project realities of human existence in a beautiful manner. The paper takes up two representative story of Lahiri to substantiate the fact that her stories are real saga of humanity, hybridity and harmony. In spite of being in a constant struggle of confusing identity, and dilemma between two worlds, the protagonists of the story strive towards a happier world full of zeal and zest. The story under analysis is ‘When Mr Pirzada Came to Dine’. The analysis finds that the protagonists of Lahiri play remarkably while setting a new tone of hybridity and competence.

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