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A store is a location where consumers come to buy and pay for their goods on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to compute that how many goods sold and generate the customer's bill. We have to work to select the exact product when we go to shopping mall for shopping. After that, too, standing in line for the billing of all goods is tiring. We are therefore proposing to build a smart shopping cart that will keep track of purchased goods as well as bill generation.The project is based on board technology from Arduino and RFID readers, as well as some sensors such as GPS, compass and database that combine and make a smart shopping cart. Consumer buys the item and puts it in the cart. As the items are put in the cart, the RFID detector identifies the product and updates the shopping mall's database, if the product is withdrawn from the cart, then the product's billing is cancelled. At the end of the shopping, the total bill will be created on the cart itself. This cart is more than a self-moving cart that reduces human effort. The self-moving function of this cart works with the help of the Arduino board, GPS and compass that follows a person in the mall, and at the bottom of the cart we place the battery and motors that moves the shopping cart.

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