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The purpose of this study was to assess will to win & self confidence of the players who participated in the All India Inter-university women hockey tournament. The study was carried out on 64 players, out of which 64 players of four teams participated but 48 players of three teams attained the first three position's in the tournament. To collect the required information a well structured questionnaire of Kumar &, Shukla (1988) and Agnihotri's Self Confidence Inventory (ASC) of Agnihotri (1987) was administered to measure will to win & self confidence of women Hockey players respectively. Researcher used  't' test in his study to find out the objectives of the present study. The finding of study revealed that "Will to win" in the players of teams which attained the position in the tournament showed z higher score than tire players participated in tournament but failed to achieve any position. On 'sell confidence' the players of the teams which attained the positions in the tournament showed higher level self-confidence and vece-versa than other players.

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