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Policing in democratic society is not an easy task as the citizens are ruled by rule of law. History has been unkind to Indians because of foreign rule, so were the policemen who were required to

obey their colonial superiors with lack of autonomy, resources and professional training which are gist of modern day democratic organizations. Though it’s long since we gained independence, there has not been much improvement in the police department. Further there are strong concerns of deteriorating standards, lawlessness and complacent attitude within the police force. Rising crime, increasing population, growth of urban slums, agrarian unrest, economic downturn, political demonstrations, disaster and accidents, cyber crime, etc have made the policing multi faced and increased the public dealing. Outdated policy especially Police Act 1861 and external influence has led the police performance short on the public expectations. To make the police organisation efficient, impartial and motivated, reforms are must. The present research paper is based on secondary data. The data has been collected using various sources such as books, journals, newspaper, internet services. The paper covers a basic overview of police related problems, various commissions, their recommendations and suggestions.

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