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The present paper is an attempt to know the changing socio-economic status of women in rural Haryana  in relation to  education and women’s employment.  The present study was carried out in village Barsi  of Bawani Khera Tehsil of district Bhiwani in Haryana State on random sampling method. The sample of 60 respondents in which 30 are daughter-in-law and 30 are mother-in-law was also selected on random sampling method.   In the present study, two age groups were taken of the same number. First age group of the respondents (daughter-in-laws) belonged to the age group of 18-40 years and other group (mother-in-laws) belonged to age group of above 40 years.  In the present study, it was found that daughter-in-laws were moderately and highly educated while mother-in-laws were less or moderately educated. In the present study, it was found that majority of the daughter-in-laws belonged to housewife followed by working in private sectors, while  majority of  mother-in-laws,  working in government sector followed  by housewives and helping in fields.  Regarding role of education  and women’s employment, a large majority  of the respondents were of the view that both  education and employment play a significant role in changing socio-economic status of women.

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