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This article presents the relation between adjustment and mental health among hostel students. The aim of this study was to predict the mental health condition of hostel students caused by their home, emotional and social adjustment. The research population contained 300 respondents aged between 20 to 23 years. The mental health was measured using Mental Health Inventory (MHI) developed by Dr Jagdish and Dr A. K. Srivastava while adjustment was measured using M. S. L. Saxena’s Adjustment Inventory. The obtained data were analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient, stepwise multiple regression, and Student’s t-tests. The results showed that mental health of hostel students was significantly predicted by adjustment. The results further revealed that the home, emotional and social adjustment in students lived in their home is greater than hostel students.  Mental health is also greater in students who lived in their home than hostel students.

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