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The reciprocal concern between literature and society is being searched by interdisciplinary method which studies literature in modern age, and with the viewpoint of culture, political and psychology. The psychology of society, facts of life, the baffling socio-economic problems of the day are presented through literature. With the help of literature men’s world, reasoning, dreams desires and passions have been studied.   Arun Mirajkar as a playwright portrays exploitation, especially, of socially depressed factors in his plays. The caste discrimination has left the prints of physical, psychological atrocities on the exploited social factors. They have been deprived even from human fundamental rights. He points out the psychological condition of such exploited society and desires that they should be drawn out from such condition. In his play Nibban he expects and feels the need of socialist philosophy that will be helpful for it (in his play ‘Nibban’). In another play titled ‘Black Night’, he reveals psychology and hypocrisy of upper castes towards depressed class.

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