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The decline of the traditional industry and the rise of the modern industry in India were neither simultaneously not casually connected. The beginning of modern large scale industry in India dates back to 1830 when the first charcoal tired iron making was attempted in Tamil Nadu. However this venture collapsed in 1866. Therefore the real beginning of the modern industry in India is recognized with the establishment of cotton textile industry at Mumbai in 1854. This industry grew tremendously in 1870 due to a spurt in demand in the wake of the American Civil War by 1875-76 the number of cotton textile mills rose to 47. Among the other industries appeared after Globalization (1991) was drugs, textiles, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, engineering, fertilizers, electronics, chemicals, paper and breweries. The main industrial centres were port cities of Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Thane is the third most industrialized district in the Maharashtra state and tenth in India. There are 1548 large and medium scale and 18480 small and micro scale industries in the district. The district is largely industrialized having 10 MIDC areas, 2 CO-operative industrial estate, as the district is very near to Mumbai the indigenous and international market facility is also available for products. Throughout this paper, there is an underlying focus on the development of Indian industry after globalisation with special case study of Thane district.

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