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The present exploratory article attempts to exhume the Bolshevik Marathi periodicals from the past to present scenario in front of the scholars of the sphere. Maratha power ended in 1818 and the British rule was started in Maharashtra. Before the establishment of British rule in Maharashtra, Mumbai was in the possession of the East India Company. During this period the Mumbai region has been improving due to the influence of English Language and education. Missionaries and British rulers started an Education on Mumbai. In 1815, the Bombay Education society founded by the East India company. In the meantime, Mumbai’s “Governor Elphinstone” has brought about many reforms. This improvement of education has enabled Maharashtra to recognize modern Ideas. Modern Knowledge has led to the improvement of Maharashtra and similarly the whole India. Due to the impact of Modern English thinking these customs have been stopped and eradicated, and social reforms have taken place. Due to the Impacts English education, new knowledge was added to the society. Indian society began to know about useful knowledge in the fields of Physiology Astronomy, Geography, Medical Science. This led to the introduction of Modern lifestyle, social reformation, and constructing the knowledge, The print art has made a memorable contribution to this work and social reformation of India in various ways. With the help of printed art, there are many magazines in Marathi Modern knowledge was introduced to the Community through these periodicals. These Magazines started the social reformation movement in Maharashtra. In 1832, Balshastri Jambhekar has started his first periodical “Darshan” in Marathi. After this, there were more than 200 periodicals in Marathi in the 19th century. Based on the selected Journals, we have to discuss the work of social reformation in this research paper. It is expected to study, The selected magazines such as Dnyanoday, Prabhakar, Indu Prakash, Subodhpatrika, Dinbandhu, Sudharak form the social upliftment purpose and that has been proved in this research paper.

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