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The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 751 million in 1950 to 4.2 billion in 2018. Maharashtra is third most urbanised state of India, where SMKC is biggest urban entity of Sangli district. Present research focuses on urbanisation and trend of population growth of Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad municipal corporation. The study correlates the many historical events and changes in population of Sangli and Miraj city. Present research is based on the secondary date and statistical methods were used for the population data and estimate the future growth of city. It is concluded that the SMKC is biggest and fastest-growing city of Sangli district. There are significant changes in population within last 12 decades. Historical events are responsible for the urban growth of SMKC. Before 1930 the Miraj city was biggest city of present Sangli district. Political leadership, shifting of the capital of SangliJahagir and historiacal events are responsible for the population growth. The polynomial regression shows population of Sangli and Miraj will be combinedly more than 8 lakhs by the year 2050. 

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