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It is observed that 70 to 80 % students are fear and felt that physics is difficult subject. Junior college students face the problems to secure good score in NEET, IIT exams for getting admission to Medical and Engineering fields. Same trends were observed that without compulsion most of the students not willingly or interested to take physics as their optional subject as Physics for degree classes. Parents and teachers also felt the same.  To find the factors responsible to make physics difficult or what are the actual feelings or psychological approach of society regarding physics subject. Here in present study we take random online survey with the help of Google form and within two days we got response of 116 participant in survey. The present survey participants are students of Senior, Junior college and teacher associates, Professors.  From the survey we conclude that Physics is not difficult subject but compare to another subject it is complex and difficult to understand. Many response show that it has vast syllabus felt to difficult. According to some participant it is responsible because of theoretical and numerical problems too.Overall conclusion that Physics is not difficult subject but part of subject felt some difficult some times its due to numerically, skills experiments.

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