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The present article explores key issues in the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement Act, 2013, peruse with amendment carried out by the central legislature. The LARR Act has to be read in the context of supporting contestation and changing following twist, the spate of a decision by the Supreme Court in the run-up to the ratifying and the need for ‘balancing’ multiple viewpoints. In such context twin categories federal and legal, become high-flying. The nature of the LARR Act’s reaction to both will discover its persistent continuation and importance. The present article examines legal dimensions of issues such as ‘Eminent Domain’ and ‘Public Purpose’, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement policy, compensation, safeguards for affected families and other germane practice. The present research inquires larger legal and political questions regarding land acquisition within constitutional debates pertaining to the LARR Act’s implication for federalism and detail analysis of recent scenarios, and particular, possible consequences of the enactment for future urbanization patterns in India. Keywords: LARR Act, federalism, Supreme Court, urbanization, centralized and court balance

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